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AWS Migration

Using the AWS VM Import/Export service to migrate VMware VMs to AWS  Part 1 Setup
The AWS VM Import Export service is a relatively straightforward way of migrating an existing VMware VM into the AWS Cloud. This approach is best used for small scale migrations.

Using the AWS VM Import/Export service to migrate Hyper-V VMs to AWS
Following on from the above article we look at using the AWS Import/Export Service with Microsoft’s Hyper-V

Using AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) for VMware
There are lots of tools in the market place to help you move workloads to WS. Amazon’s own free SMS toolset is not so well known. This article looks at using SMS to migrate a VMware VM into AWS.

Using AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) for Hyper-V
Following on from my previous article about migrating VMware workloads using SMS this article looks at doing the same thing using Hyper-V

DCM Strategy

Structuring your migration activities
How should you break up and organise your migrations. This article looks at some commonly used techniques.

Physical Migrations (Lift & Shift) not so straight forward
Many people believe that physical server migration is the most straightforward form of migration. This article looks at some or the risks involved in the approach and suggests some steps to mitigate that risk.

Should you rehearse your migrations?
This brief article looks at the pros and cons of conducting some number of rehearsal migrations prior to going live

DCM Architecture

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Discovery tools & Techniques

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Network Technical

Testing firewall rules with Telnet
In this article I look at how the humble Telnet client software, found on most OSes, can be used to test and troubleshoot Firewall rules

Testing & troubleshooting network bandwidth with iperf
The iperf tool is and open source offering on many platforms that can give accurate network bandwidth data and help with troubleshooting related performance issues

Migration tools

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